Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Wine and Wrapping

Next year, I may start an annual party, aptly named... Wine and Wrapping. A little too late to start it this year, with guests anyway. This year it may be a one woman party, that one woman being me.

I love mounds of pretty little wrapped packages. I also love shopping for way too many things for my kids to open on Christmas morning. The love stops there.

 The love does not extend to turning the way too many things into mounds of pretty little wrapped packages. Now one or two things, I can do. Heck, I even enjoy.

Enjoy is not the word I would use describe my state while sitting and wrapping the massive piles of future Goodwill donations that are currently spilling out from under our king sized bed/hall closet/bedroom closet. Don't get me wrong, LOVE seeing my boys open the stuff. Super love it. As a matter of fact, if it wasn't for those little fat cheeks glistening in the 5 a.m. glow of twinkly tree lights while opening the things they have left drool puddles in the toy section of Target over, I'd be tossing those babies under the tree like Santa had one too many eggnog's before getting to our house.

Which leads me to another point.... I've been seeing an awfully lot of, what I call, fancy Christmas wrappings floating around lately. You can't tell me that these people wrap ALL of their gifts like this.... Seriously now. I have three boys.


Do you know how little boys open Christmas gifts????

The process is worthy of a National Geographic special.

Why in God's green earth would I wrap their gifts in strips of vintage fabric, lace, and twine and then top them with freshly picked snozberries from the land of Oz?

Now, I can understand maybe doing some gifts to friends or grown family in such a manor, but a tree full of these ornately wrapped gifts is nuts.

So, folks, my living room will not look like a scene out of Better Homes and Gardens or Martha Stewart Magazine this Christmas season. As a matter of fact, it will probably be closer to resembling one of those homes from an episode of Hoarders.

Will our Christmas be any less special? No. Will my boys enjoy every second of it? Probably not. Christmas wouldn't be normal without AT LEAST 5 sugar induced meltdowns. But it will be ours.

Simply wrapped boxes with bows, destroyed living room, sugar induced tantrums, and all.


  1. You are so funny! I love boys! Wished we had more than one! I didn't even put bows on my yard sale purchased wrapping paper and used initials for the tags!

  2. Boys are the best! And I definitely don't blame you. I can't see making so much effort for these little tornados to plow through the stuff faster than i can snap a photo.


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