Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Meet Pumpkin Waldo!

Mason had a project come up for his kindergarten class where they were to decorate a pumpkin as the character of one of their favorite books. We chose Where's Waldo and might I just say, with just a little help from me, Mason did a fantastic job! 

Isn't he cute! I'm so proud of my little kindergartener! And, just so you know, his teacher has let me know quite a few times that Mason is extremely smart. Extremely smart and EXTREMELY talkative... Which tends to land him on the yellow or red light pretty often. But, we are working on it. 


I found this picture that I took the year before last of Brady. It was snowing for the first time in 14 years. YES 14 YEARS. (We don't get much snow down here in Alabama) It actually didn't do anything but sprinkle a few flurries on us at our house in Mobile, we had to drive 30 minutes north of Mobile to my aunt and uncle's home in Citronelle to actually get the snow experience. It was gorgeous, but made me positive that I wouldn't survive a winter full of that stuff. 

Back on the subject.... Isn't he precious! This is one of my absolute favorite pictures of Brady. He was so tiny.... Now he is about to be 3 in May! Holy Cow! 

I hope everyone is ready for Hump Day! Only a few more days until the weekend and then Halloween! 

Then..... Time to gear up for Christmas!

Monday, October 24, 2011

Ba Rum Pum Pum Pum!

Is it Christmas time yet?????

I am so over Halloween. Chalk it up to my ridiculous idea to decorate for Halloween an entire 5 weeks prior to the ACTUAL holiday, whatever the case... I am over it. Is it here yet???? Can we just dress up and go get the candy already! Jeeze!

I'm ready for cinnamon and pine scents drifting through the air (they are already drifting through my home..... Blame the Glade seasonal displays at Target for that one)! I'm ready for store Christmas displays and having random strangers wish me a Merry Christmas! There seriously is NOTHING I dislike about Christmas.

The smells. The sights. Being able to use Santa watching as a valid reason to get my children to do what I say...... (Oh don't even give me that crap. You know you do it too.)

And Pinterest does not help...

Like these decoupaged Christmas ornaments from Flea Market Style Magazine. I LOVE these and definitely plan on making some ASAP!

And this GORGEOUS dining room from The House of Smiths! I absolutely adore this! The white and the pops of blue. I am so going this route for our Christmas decor this year.  

And, last but not least, I plan on making one of these for sure! This one is from Teach Craft Love and turned out beautifully. This will be an awesome craft for me to tackle, because I have a butt load of ornaments from last year and the year before that I plan on re purposing into the decor I WANT for this year!

I can hear the bells jingling already! BRING ON CHRISTMAS!

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Saturday Shenanigans

What a wonderful weekend it has been. The only day that anything actually happened was Saturday, but the entire weekend was just glorious.

Friday the only real accomplishments that were made were getting Mason to and from school and exchanging the costume we had gotten for Brady for one that I was a little more enthusiastic about. So now we have Iron Man, a little Devil, and a pirate instead of Frankenstein. Much cuter costume so I am excited.

Sunday we have basically spent eating cookies and watching movies. We may head to the park in a minute, but so far I have thoroughly enjoyed what we have going on. 

Now Saturday.... Saturday was the meat and potatoes of our weekend. Unfortunately, Mason woke up feeling a tad bit under the weather and I was seriously worried that he would miss his school's fall festival. The fall festival that he has talked about for two weeks now. Also, the fall festival that I was scheduled to work his class booth at. Luckily, he started feeling much better RIGHT before I had to leave (surprise surprise). I almost didn't buy it and made him stay home, but I couldn't let him miss it, even if we only went for ten minutes, we weren't missing it. 

I am so glad that I let him go. He LOVED it and seeing him run around with his friends made my heart smile.

Afterwards, Mason headed off with his dad and Ethan, Brady, and I headed out for some adventures. 

If all sagging pants looked this cute, I'd be all for it!

I do hope that everyone is having as wonderful a weekend as we had. I love my little family. 

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Lemonade Crossing

So the boys' joint railroad party is sneaking up on me at a frightening pace. Slowly but surely I am getting decorations planned and ready to go for when the day arrives, but so far I still feel like I have miles to go. Which, unfortunately, isn't just a feeling... I seriously have miles to go.

So... I have a lot of pallet wood lying around and figured that I could use some of it in the decorations since it is, you know, free and all. And, since we plan on having lemonade, a lemonade sign was in order!

SO Lemonade Crossing it is!

Pallet wood painted yellow...

Lettering, all free handed since just about nothing about this party is stenciled or proper. For this party, being vintage railroad themed, I see beauty in the imperfections. The pennant banner with flags cut by hand, fraying and unmeasured, the twine, the railroad lantern with dents and scratches.... I want it to be old fashioned little boy. Barefoot, smudge of dirt on the cheek, hair unkempt... You get what I mean? I don't want "just so," I want "just right." For us, this is just right.

And then, beat up, stained, and sanded...

I love it. It looks as if it has been sitting in a shed for years collecting dust fending off little critters. This will be mounted on some sort of stand (still figuring that out) and put on the drink table. I have two large glass drink dispensers that we will be using along with a large metal drink tub. I'm thinking maybe old glass bottle cokes in the drink tub.... We will see!

One month from yesterday until the party and lots more to do! Wish me luck!

My Little Pumpkins Part 2!

Since our first attempt at the pumpkin patch only produced photos of the one little monster that couldn't run from me.... We made another trip!

I know I have to think it because I am their mom, but I seriously have THE cutest kids.

Pick pumpkins at the pumpkin patch? Not for Brady. He prefers to relax on some pumpkins. What else would you do at a pumpkin patch!

My sweet Mason. I get a lot of serious face pictures, simply because his fake smile makes him look as if he is being tortured relentlessly by a gang of ruthless pirates.... Serious face it is.

Once again he is relaxing. Picking pumpkins is tough work!


Man, I love fall! I also love that it is only in the 60's down here this week! How awesome is this! It ACTUALLY feels like fall during fall! Unfortunately, it will probably be in the 80's next week and the flip flops will take their place between little toes once again... Darn this crazy Alabama weather!