Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Counting Stars...

I am somewhat on a One Republic Counting Stars kick... And by somewhat I mean completely obsessed. It makes me want to do something! Be productive! Stop counting dollars and start counting stars!

On to other things. Tonight I went through photos from past shoots. To see the transformation in my photography from last year at this time to now is astounding. It makes me feel empowered! Like, shouting from the rooftops "LOOK HOW MUCH I'VE LEARNED" empowered. I am so unbelievably excited to see where my photography is by this time next year. Especially since my wonderful hubby gifted me a beautiful D610 for Christmas. He's in the running to be the star player in my "Favorite Things of 2014" list. Right along with Rocky Road ice cream (which I just discovered last year... How did I ever go without this godly concoction????), beautiful sunsets, beach days, and online shopping.

Now... Updates on my Little Monsters, who, let's face it, are quickly becoming not so little.

Mason Luke is now 8 years old, in the second grade, and a computer whiz. Not to mention, he is one good looking kid. And pretty hilarious to boot. (He gets all of the above from yours truly.)

Brady Parker is now 4 years old (and quickly approaching 5), in k-4, stinking hilarious, and quite the ladies man. I cannot keep up with how many girlfriends he has had and he has a new girl he plans on marrying every other week. This kid is going to be trouble when he hits puberty. And I am going to be one crazy mother-in-law one day. I don't like it. 

And Ethan Cole.... My baby. My caboose. My hell on wheels, gonna give me a heart attack before I'm 35, crazy, hilarious, sweet when he wants to be, boy. The kid is a mess. And very sneaky. You have to watch this one. CLOSELY. The kid fell out of a second story window! You read that right. FELL. SECOND STORY. Just thinking about it makes me sick to my stomach all over again. Scariest moment of my entire life. NOTE- He is FINE. He didn't have a single scratch on him. Yes I rushed him straight to the emergency room where they looked him over meticulously and responded with a "He is a boy and things will happen" to my heavy sobbing and freaking out and just knowing that DHR would be on their way (especially since we were in the SAME emergency room the weekend prior to this with the SAME KID who had just took a header into the entertainment center and had a knot the size of a golf ball sticking out of his forehead). Did I tell you the kid was going to give me a heart attack????? I wasn't joking!

He is my sweet, momma's boy. My nightly snuggle buddy. My love. My heart. My one way ticket to crazy town.

And just because it cracks me up and is too sweet not to share...

Brother love.

Good night, all. Time to count some stars.