Thursday, July 28, 2011

Yep, It's Official.

1. Ethan decided that sleep was not necessary Tuesday night, therefore mommy got NO sleep.

2. Mason (5) decides that getting dressed is not a priority. After 12 "You better get dressed, Mason Luke. We HAVE to leave!"s are yelled across the house, he complies.

3. After trying on four different outfits before figuring out what to wear, Ethan decides to POOP on me.

4. A misunderstanding leads to my father in law meeting me 20 minutes AFTER when I actually needed him to meet me. Resulting in us being very much behind schedule.

5. Found out that an awesome job opportunity I was made aware of the previous day, had been filled.

6. Endure the long ride home listening to my lovely boys fuss between wanting to talk to Daddy and wanting dinner.
7. Open pantry to get dinner supplies to find that a massive army of ants has overtaken my pantry. They were EVERYWHERE.

8. Leave Brady in the bathroom while getting his underwear and return to my facewash pads emtied out of their container and floating in the toilet.

9. Stay up until 11:30 Debugging, cleaning, and organizing my pantry.

And that was ALL just on WEDNESDAY!

So far today was going well. No fights while getting dressed. No getting pooped on. My husband was home from work so I actually got to sleep last night. Things were ok.


As soon as I pull in the parking lot to drop Brady off at preschool the bottom falls out and it starts pouring. 20 minutes fixing my hair shot to hell in a second.

Pull up to drop Mason off at school and he has a complete meltdown.

Pull out of the parking lot and a huge rock pops up and cracks my windsheild.

This entire week has been literally a smorgasbord of craziness.

I do believe that mommy having a break literally throws the universe off tilt, but if mommy doesn't take a break she may end up in the crazy house.

Oh, wait.... I LIVE THERE!

Sunday, July 24, 2011

What do you do....

With $4 and a warehouse full of random stuff????

You come home with...  

A decorative wooden birdcage 

A 1950's/60's hair dryer in case (I mainly wanted the case, but the hair dryer was a bonus)

A decorative cabinet

An old clock

A beat up...


Toolbox. Which will be cleaned up and used for our vintage train party in November. 

That four dollars also bought a small, round 60's looking ottoman which I do not have a picture of since it was my mom's find. 

FOUR DOLLARS! That equals out to about 67 cents per item.

The entire day I spent less than $20, which included the $4 worth of items mentioned above, two shirts, one dress, and lunch for myself and my 2 year old peanut. 

I call that.... A win. Even more than my awesome, thrifty shopping spree... I found my new favorite thrift store! The amount of furniture with redo potential was mind blowing! I cannot wait to make it back up there! 

Friday, July 22, 2011

Be careful what you wish for...

A few weeks ago I decided that I wanted an old wooden pallet for some crafting projects I felt compelled to tackle. Fast forward to now and I have three of these huge things sitting in my office! I have partially dismantled one of them, but the majority of it remains along with two complete ones that have also ventured into my possession. Now.... I am stuck. What do I do with these? What "old pallet" redos can I attempt to recreate? If my office were a forest or perhaps a lumber yard this would be insignificant, but my office is an.... OFFICE!

So my mission is this. Find as many wood crafts/pallet redos/small pieces of furniture that I can and get to cranking them out.

I made a sign that is on my balcony, unfortunately I don't have a picture of it.

I also made this little box. Haven't quite decided what I am going to put in it or what I may use it for. I am thinking maybe a little planter.... Who knows.

So... Any ideas? All I have to work with is a small electric saw type deal so cutting is possible, but no fancy curves or anything. I'm new to the power tools world so I am still learning. 


Monday, July 18, 2011

Drumroll Please........

Behold... THE TABLE!

She isn't perfect, but I love her just the same. 

And other things...

This initial used to be a piece of wood from the back of an old rocking chair. The chair is beyond saving at this point, so she's being pieced off to be reborn! 

My book page wreath along side the sparking wine bottle from mine and my husband's first hot air balloon ride. And the shelf they are on... 99 cents at GW. It was white and beat to heck and back, but now it's black and beat to heck and back! Only this time it is because I wanted it to look that way. 

The Ugly Table is No More!

I finally finished my little table!

I am at work right now so pictures will come later! I am so excited. It isn't perfect by any means, but as my first redo, I am proud.

Yay for finishing projects!

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Sunday Afternoon Shenanigans

My normally four day long work week was stretched to a outrageous (for me) SIX day work week. Not my cup of tea, but the week long beach vacation we have planned for the end of this month IS my cup of tea. So, needless to say, I sucked it up and worked. Not without managing to get off of work early today though. What can I say! I had three good looking guys calling my name.

Lazy, and rainy, Sunday afternoon with my little guys? Yes, please.

So we sat out on our balcony and enjoyed the fact that it currently IS NOT over 100 degrees outside. And our new balcony decor, even if it is still under construction.

Basil! It smells so good. 


Bistro set chair, still need to paint the table and make some cushions.

$2 shelf from the flea market. After some love of course. 

Thursday, July 14, 2011

I found it!

In reference to my shudder/hanging bar door thingie turned plant holder.... I got the idea from Messy Mimi's wonderful blog! Thank you so much to her for such a wonderful idea. I absolutely love how mine turned out and cannot wait to get home and hang it this afternoon.

It's finished!

And it turned out absolutely precious!

At more than one point during this project I started thinking it would look nuts, but it turned out exactly how I envisioned it. Now, I have another shutter/bar door/swingie deal and I may just have to make another one, but for now.... I must finish some other projects. Like the fact that I just tackled painting my metal bistro set for my balcony and I have to make some cushions for it! Sewing projects freak me out, but I'll give it a shot!

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

I knew there was a reason I married this wonderful man!

My husband bought me a Cricut for our anniversary! And he complained about my crafting...... He knows that deep down inside he loves it! Although I have to say, he has been on it as much as I have, if not more.

This thing is seriously addictive. I want to cut things! Anyone need something cut??? Anyone at all? I have already started working on the boys vintage train themed birthday party that will be taking place in NOVEMBER! Better too soon before than too late.... Right?

Shutter-Bar Door-Swingie Deal Part TWO!

The shutter-bar door-swingie deal has been reborn into a plant holder!

Let's igore the fact that I started with 6 pots and ended up breaking one of them while making adjustments. Let's also ignore the fact that the very bottom pot has also joined it's fallen comrad..... One pot may be an accident, but I am now a serial pot killer. Regardless, I'm so close to being able to hang it up on our balcony. So very close. Now I just have to get plants for the pots! Fingers crossed that I don't take a month to accomplish the very last step to getting this thing officially finished.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Shutter-Bar Door-Swingie Deal!

The shutter, well... It isn't even a shutter. It's one of those swinging bar door dealios.

Anyway, two of the little boogers have been sitting at my place of employment almost as long as I have been here. I took it upon myself to give them new life! And, a new home where they will be loved and put to good use.

 I brainstormed like crazy to figure out what I was going to do with these abandoned slabs of potential and FINALLY, like a light in the darkest of nights, I ran across the answer! In the blog (which I now cannot think of for the life of me), the EXTREMELY clever blogger attached small clay pots to a shutter creating somewhat of a hanging garden. It was so precious and when I walked into the Goodwill and saw six, yes SIX, small clay pots sitting there SCREAMING "HANG ME ON YOUR SHUTTER/old wild west bar door thingie" I knew it was meant to happen.

Now... I have a red shutter-bar door swingie deal

Now, visualize the aqua-y, tealish terracotta pot goodness hanging haphazardly on this shutter displaying cute little plants..... Can you see it?

Now, I just need the right color paint for my pots, the wire to hang them, and plants.

I WILL follow through!