Sunday, July 24, 2011

What do you do....

With $4 and a warehouse full of random stuff????

You come home with...  

A decorative wooden birdcage 

A 1950's/60's hair dryer in case (I mainly wanted the case, but the hair dryer was a bonus)

A decorative cabinet

An old clock

A beat up...


Toolbox. Which will be cleaned up and used for our vintage train party in November. 

That four dollars also bought a small, round 60's looking ottoman which I do not have a picture of since it was my mom's find. 

FOUR DOLLARS! That equals out to about 67 cents per item.

The entire day I spent less than $20, which included the $4 worth of items mentioned above, two shirts, one dress, and lunch for myself and my 2 year old peanut. 

I call that.... A win. Even more than my awesome, thrifty shopping spree... I found my new favorite thrift store! The amount of furniture with redo potential was mind blowing! I cannot wait to make it back up there! 

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