Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Shutter-Bar Door-Swingie Deal!

The shutter, well... It isn't even a shutter. It's one of those swinging bar door dealios.

Anyway, two of the little boogers have been sitting at my place of employment almost as long as I have been here. I took it upon myself to give them new life! And, a new home where they will be loved and put to good use.

 I brainstormed like crazy to figure out what I was going to do with these abandoned slabs of potential and FINALLY, like a light in the darkest of nights, I ran across the answer! In the blog (which I now cannot think of for the life of me), the EXTREMELY clever blogger attached small clay pots to a shutter creating somewhat of a hanging garden. It was so precious and when I walked into the Goodwill and saw six, yes SIX, small clay pots sitting there SCREAMING "HANG ME ON YOUR SHUTTER/old wild west bar door thingie" I knew it was meant to happen.

Now... I have a red shutter-bar door swingie deal

Now, visualize the aqua-y, tealish terracotta pot goodness hanging haphazardly on this shutter displaying cute little plants..... Can you see it?

Now, I just need the right color paint for my pots, the wire to hang them, and plants.

I WILL follow through!

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