Thursday, July 28, 2011

Yep, It's Official.

1. Ethan decided that sleep was not necessary Tuesday night, therefore mommy got NO sleep.

2. Mason (5) decides that getting dressed is not a priority. After 12 "You better get dressed, Mason Luke. We HAVE to leave!"s are yelled across the house, he complies.

3. After trying on four different outfits before figuring out what to wear, Ethan decides to POOP on me.

4. A misunderstanding leads to my father in law meeting me 20 minutes AFTER when I actually needed him to meet me. Resulting in us being very much behind schedule.

5. Found out that an awesome job opportunity I was made aware of the previous day, had been filled.

6. Endure the long ride home listening to my lovely boys fuss between wanting to talk to Daddy and wanting dinner.
7. Open pantry to get dinner supplies to find that a massive army of ants has overtaken my pantry. They were EVERYWHERE.

8. Leave Brady in the bathroom while getting his underwear and return to my facewash pads emtied out of their container and floating in the toilet.

9. Stay up until 11:30 Debugging, cleaning, and organizing my pantry.

And that was ALL just on WEDNESDAY!

So far today was going well. No fights while getting dressed. No getting pooped on. My husband was home from work so I actually got to sleep last night. Things were ok.


As soon as I pull in the parking lot to drop Brady off at preschool the bottom falls out and it starts pouring. 20 minutes fixing my hair shot to hell in a second.

Pull up to drop Mason off at school and he has a complete meltdown.

Pull out of the parking lot and a huge rock pops up and cracks my windsheild.

This entire week has been literally a smorgasbord of craziness.

I do believe that mommy having a break literally throws the universe off tilt, but if mommy doesn't take a break she may end up in the crazy house.

Oh, wait.... I LIVE THERE!

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