Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Bye, Bye Vacation...

We are back!

Hold on... Let me say that with a little less excitement.

We...Sigh.... Are back.

The week at the beach house was amazing. Not just because we were on the beach and not having to worry about everyone getting to where they needed to be or worrying about work, but also because for the first time my husband and I got FOUR DAYS of no children.

We left on Sunday with the two oldest in tow (Ethan is still a little small for the beach and we wanted the older two to really get to enjoy it and have mommy daddy time) and returned Wednesday to register Mason for the THIRD time for kindergarten. (Why they have three separate registrations that you HAVE to attend is beyond me. Craziness) After getting him all ready for school to start on the 15th, we dropped Mason and Brady off with their Gran Gran and headed off.

Just us. For FOUR DAYS.

I love my boys more than life itself, but I have to admit that having my husband to myself was amazing. We get so lost in the shuffle of everyday life and raising three boys that it is easy to lose each other. That break was well needed.

Although, we did come back a day early because one more day of no slobbery kisses was just too much to handle. .

Now back to real life. Work, school (in just a few days!), and jam packed days.

I have to say.... I missed it.

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