Monday, October 24, 2011

Ba Rum Pum Pum Pum!

Is it Christmas time yet?????

I am so over Halloween. Chalk it up to my ridiculous idea to decorate for Halloween an entire 5 weeks prior to the ACTUAL holiday, whatever the case... I am over it. Is it here yet???? Can we just dress up and go get the candy already! Jeeze!

I'm ready for cinnamon and pine scents drifting through the air (they are already drifting through my home..... Blame the Glade seasonal displays at Target for that one)! I'm ready for store Christmas displays and having random strangers wish me a Merry Christmas! There seriously is NOTHING I dislike about Christmas.

The smells. The sights. Being able to use Santa watching as a valid reason to get my children to do what I say...... (Oh don't even give me that crap. You know you do it too.)

And Pinterest does not help...

Like these decoupaged Christmas ornaments from Flea Market Style Magazine. I LOVE these and definitely plan on making some ASAP!

And this GORGEOUS dining room from The House of Smiths! I absolutely adore this! The white and the pops of blue. I am so going this route for our Christmas decor this year.  

And, last but not least, I plan on making one of these for sure! This one is from Teach Craft Love and turned out beautifully. This will be an awesome craft for me to tackle, because I have a butt load of ornaments from last year and the year before that I plan on re purposing into the decor I WANT for this year!

I can hear the bells jingling already! BRING ON CHRISTMAS!


  1. LOL, I just said the exact thing this morning! Time for Christmas already!

  2. Only 2 months from today! And only a couple more weeks until one of our local radio stations starts non-stop Christmas music. One of my favorite things EVER!


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