Thursday, October 13, 2011

Current Cahoots Part 2

Well hello there, again. It's been SOOOOO long.

Hey now, at least I have stuff happening!

Onto the stuff that matters, shall we?

ANOTHER project going down in my project factory is this racky dealio...

Inspired from this post that I got a gander at on Pinterest (my carpool line guilty pleasure), I wanted to do the candle holder, but given the lengths of wood I had on hand, I went a tad bit in a different direction. For now, at least.

The only thing I actually purchased were the spoons. I could have gotten them anywhere or even stolen them from my house, but I am one extremely impatient person and instead shelled out a dollar for the two.

Although I am a fan of the little racky dealio, it needs some pizazz. What kind of pizazz? I haven't figured it out yet, but I will! So we will see. Mark this as to be continued.

Also, since I have a teeny tiny addiction to thrift store frames and their potential for awesomeness.... I have a massive load few of them lying around.

We needed an hours of operation sign at work... I had some frames and burlap... And together they had the baby that is this...

And since when you are inside of the store all you can see is the back of the frame, I had to do something to the back also...

I am a fan! And that is one less frame I have lying in the way while I procrastinate getting it painted and given a home.

Happy Thursday everyone!

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