Sunday, October 23, 2011

Saturday Shenanigans

What a wonderful weekend it has been. The only day that anything actually happened was Saturday, but the entire weekend was just glorious.

Friday the only real accomplishments that were made were getting Mason to and from school and exchanging the costume we had gotten for Brady for one that I was a little more enthusiastic about. So now we have Iron Man, a little Devil, and a pirate instead of Frankenstein. Much cuter costume so I am excited.

Sunday we have basically spent eating cookies and watching movies. We may head to the park in a minute, but so far I have thoroughly enjoyed what we have going on. 

Now Saturday.... Saturday was the meat and potatoes of our weekend. Unfortunately, Mason woke up feeling a tad bit under the weather and I was seriously worried that he would miss his school's fall festival. The fall festival that he has talked about for two weeks now. Also, the fall festival that I was scheduled to work his class booth at. Luckily, he started feeling much better RIGHT before I had to leave (surprise surprise). I almost didn't buy it and made him stay home, but I couldn't let him miss it, even if we only went for ten minutes, we weren't missing it. 

I am so glad that I let him go. He LOVED it and seeing him run around with his friends made my heart smile.

Afterwards, Mason headed off with his dad and Ethan, Brady, and I headed out for some adventures. 

If all sagging pants looked this cute, I'd be all for it!

I do hope that everyone is having as wonderful a weekend as we had. I love my little family. 

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