Thursday, October 13, 2011

Current Cahoots Part 1

Slowly but surely there are some things happening in my Stash O' Stuff. New things finding their way in (I have NOOOO clue how...), old things finding new spots in the house, and other things FINALLY being put to use.

First we have the scale... The scale still isn't finished, but the majority is done. I need to do another coat of chalkboard paint and find a bowl (which is kind of what I have my heart set on) to mount on top. I am thinking maybe some type of metaly scroll deal. Yes, I said metaly.

This is what it looked like before. Cute, but not quite something I could easily squeeze into my decor...

I found it, where else, at my favorite thrift store. The piece that was on top was no where to be found, so I am having to get creative with it. Which, coincidentally, works for me.


Still needs some work, but I am liking where it is going.

Next, we have my latest door and window company dumpster rescue...

Everyone gets all super excited about wooden windows (look at me talking like I DON'T get excited about wooden windows! Silly), but some old metal windows get the shaft. I am not going to lie... When I saw it from the road, I thought it was wood. It was hard to tell from that far away. THAT is why I got excited and slammed on brakes to turn around and grab that sucker. I am also not going to lie and say that I wasn't disappointed when I realized that it was metal.... Cause I was.

But.... When I got it back into my store and it found a place on the wall, I could see something. A little brightly colored spray paint and distressing and a good new home on the side of a garden house or old wooden shed and this baby would be precious! I could even stabilize the hand crank and you could hang a garden hose on there! She just needs a second chance to make someone happy. Which, I know that she can. So, she now has a home with me.

I will also mention that I absolutely fell in love with some of the windows they had tossed in the dumpster, but I could not reach them.... I may have also went back this morning determined to rescue them just to find out that the trash had already run and they were gone. I also may have been seriously slightly disappointed by this.

Look out for more posts! A lot is happening...

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