Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Taste of Halloween!

So, I made a mistake and became wrapped up in Halloween decor WELL BEFORE Halloween. This... Unfortunately, has made me hasty to decorate for Christmas. And we ALL know, decorating for Christmas in October is outrageous. Now, decorating for Christmas in November... Now THAT is ok. I will put my will power to the test and avoid the Christmas crafts until AT LEAST the boys party is over November 19th. 

But, on to other things. Since Halloween has been around (in our house at least) since mid September, I will share a few of our Halloween goodies we have lying around. 

First! My framed half of a decoupaged pumpkin! 

The frame was an old one (with some serious bumps and bruises) that I painted and distressed. It was originally blue, so the blue showing through sat well with me so I left it that way. The pumpkin was one of the good old Dollar Tree/foam dealios that I cut in half, glued to the burlap covered back of the frame,  spruced up with some paper I had lying around, and then covered the horrible stem with some twine and a little floral wire for a vine. I love the way it turned out! And... Super DUPER cheap to make. 

The frame on a candlestick things has been floating around and I decided to tackle it. I LOVE the way it turned out. Very Very Cute. Not too mention that you can get frames and candlesticks for little to nothing at any thrift store. Cheap and easy... Which I LOVE. 

Cheap candle, cheap plastic spider, glitter, glue. Halloween... Meet your cheap, crafty spider/candle friend. 

And, sad to say, I did not make this pumpkin. But hey, dollar section at Target for $2! That is pretty awesome stuff! It's cheap, and I had to do nothing. I did... However, tie a ribbon around it. This picture is more about what it is sitting on. Distressed cake stand..... No siree! I made that baby! 
Candlestick + round cutting board + glue + paint + sandpaper = rustic cake stand that I LOVE! 

I do hope everyone is enjoying their Halloween festivities! Not too much longer until the bewitching hour! I hope you have your costumes ready! 

I, still have to come up with one since I have a party to attend. I better get on it! Any suggestions will be very much welcome! 

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