Wednesday, October 19, 2011

It's a Zoo! Audobon Zoo, New Orleans 2011

After waiting and waiting for the weather to chill out (literally... as in under 90 degrees!), we made our way over to New Orleans to visit the Audobon Zoo. Since we live in Mobile, AL (about two or so hours from New Orleans), taking a trip to this zoo is an all day event. (which is also why our youngest little monster sat this zoo trip out)

And now... The Zoo!

A little "Thank You Lord We Are Out Of The Car And Finally At The Zoo" brotherly love...


Mason (In Red) Gearing up to pet the elephant. (FYI- Elephants do Not feel the way they look. It's icky. It kind of feels like stiff, sparing bristles of a brush on leather. Dirty leather at that.)

When asked to make a monkey face, this is what Brady gives you....

When asked to take a picture for the billionth time, THIS is the face Brady gives you. (He has a lot of faces)

This picture makes me smile. Brady laughing at the sea lions.

I CANNOT believe Mason is about to be 6! How has this happened!

My sweet Mason Luke and I.

They look SUPER excited to take another picture.

Giving the lion sugar. He's a lover... What can I say.

I think Mason is in my favorite stage of life. He has gotten to where when he sees something neat he ASKS me to take his picture! Why can't they come out of the womb like this!

And where Mason leads, Brady follows. He loves his big brother.

The boys had such a wonderful time! They are already asking about going back.... One day at the zoo is enough to last a year for Mom and Dad, so next time we go Ethan will be older and he will be able to join in on the zootastic fun.

Happy Wednesday everyone! Have a fantastic day!  

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