Monday, October 10, 2011

Compiling a Collection

Of random things!

I am currently lacking in the follow through (what else is new), but collecting daily.

My boss was so kind as to make a loop around his neighborhood the night before their weekly "large item" trash pick up. He managed to save this little diddy for me...

It is a super cute little bench. It needs a board replaced, but it has good bones. Currently perplexed as to whether I should white wash it, or leave it alone. I am currently leaning towards leaving it alone, but haven't made my mind up quite yet.

He also scored this for me...

It needs a lot, but it will be cute.

Then, the things I actually HAVE done some work on...

All 5 frames, along with the little spice rack you can see the corner of, AND about five other little things were all purchased at my FAVORITE thrift store up the road for a grand total of $3! That's right! THREE WHOLE DOLLARS! I have the glass for all of them also, so I am thinking that some of them may end up with some vinyl love. We will see.

I also scored another treat from the door and window show around the corner. Free of charge of course. You know, since it is their garbage and all.

I am thinking maybe a splash of color and assembling them, along with two others, to make a screen somewhat like what Not Just a Housewife did here. I LOVE LOVE LOVE this. Now I need 2 more doors. Preferably more interesting ones to balance out the blandness of the two I have aquired.

And, last but not least, I have been elbows deep in paper lanters. Trying to get things assembled and taken care of foe the railroad party is taking over my life.

I hope everyone is having a aplendid Monday! Soon I will be posting some of the pictures we got this weekend at the pumpkin patch and also of the boys in their Halloween costumes.

And I apologize for the quality of these photos. Thy were taken with my phone since I am at work currently. 

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