Thursday, October 20, 2011

Lemonade Crossing

So the boys' joint railroad party is sneaking up on me at a frightening pace. Slowly but surely I am getting decorations planned and ready to go for when the day arrives, but so far I still feel like I have miles to go. Which, unfortunately, isn't just a feeling... I seriously have miles to go.

So... I have a lot of pallet wood lying around and figured that I could use some of it in the decorations since it is, you know, free and all. And, since we plan on having lemonade, a lemonade sign was in order!

SO Lemonade Crossing it is!

Pallet wood painted yellow...

Lettering, all free handed since just about nothing about this party is stenciled or proper. For this party, being vintage railroad themed, I see beauty in the imperfections. The pennant banner with flags cut by hand, fraying and unmeasured, the twine, the railroad lantern with dents and scratches.... I want it to be old fashioned little boy. Barefoot, smudge of dirt on the cheek, hair unkempt... You get what I mean? I don't want "just so," I want "just right." For us, this is just right.

And then, beat up, stained, and sanded...

I love it. It looks as if it has been sitting in a shed for years collecting dust fending off little critters. This will be mounted on some sort of stand (still figuring that out) and put on the drink table. I have two large glass drink dispensers that we will be using along with a large metal drink tub. I'm thinking maybe old glass bottle cokes in the drink tub.... We will see!

One month from yesterday until the party and lots more to do! Wish me luck!

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