Monday, October 10, 2011

My Little Pumpkins

We made a trip to the pumpkin patch this past weekend, but unfortunately after about fifteen minutes my camera battery died. So, we will have to make another trip back.

But we did get a few good shots before it quit on me.

As you can tell, the only little pumpkin I really got shots of was the one who couldn't run away from me! We will go back and I will get more shots of the my two larger pumpkins and the three of them together.

We also purchased Halloween costumes this weekend! I, of course, had to have them try on the costumes on and snap a few shots...

What I did not add are the photos of Frankenstein (Brady) stabbing Iron Man (Mason) in the eye through his mask... Typical photos for our house.

THIS is the best part of Halloween.... Little fat faces stuffed into Halloween costumes and cheesy smiles behind big orange pumpkins.


  1. oh my goodness you have some Cute little Ones.! I love the costumes

  2. Thank you! I think that I will keep them. Until they hit their teen years at least. Then I may ship them off somewhere. Feeding three teenage boys isn't really something I am looking forward to...

  3. Lol I also Have 3 little Boys , everything was some what under control and then we had Monkey (our 3rd) and WOW! he is all boy so he gets his brothers going so most days is complete craziness but wouldnt change it

  4. I know exactly what you mean! I look back now and think how unbelievably eaone little boy was and then how much easier two were.... But 3! 3 is a whole new ball game! I need a hand for each one and three doesn't allow that! Ha ha ha. I also love it though. I may not love it as much when they become teens, but I wouldn't change it for anything.


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