Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Vintage Train Party Invitions

So I finally finished the boys' vintage train party invitations and got them all printed out.

I LOVE how they turned out. I also love the fact that they cost me a whopping $2.00. I do believe that they are my favorite homemade invitation yet.

But.... When I started thinking about just tossing them into an envelope, I kind of got discouraged.

"I can't just toss them into an envelope all willy nilly!" I thought to myself. They needed some type of cover or folder to set the tone.

So. After a few minutes of brainstorming, 2 $.99 packs of tan cardstock from Target, and some scrap fabric left over from the 100 FEET of banner I hand assembled from thrift store sheets and fabric scraps....


And tucked inside, all snug and warm.... The tickets that I couldn't bare to toss into an envelope.

Now I I am thinking that I may add a map to the party location to the blank flap of the cardstock, but I haven't decided yet. So far though... I like them!

Now I only have a million other things to do!


  1. How awesome are these!! Love them - we did airline tickets last year, but I love these so much more!

  2. Thank you! I actually thought about an airline theme, but when I found an old train depot up the road I knew this was meant to be a train themed party. The airplane theme has been added to my list though! Hopefully I can squeeze in all of the themes I have saved up before my boys decide that I am no longer allowed to pick their parties!


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