Friday, December 2, 2011

Welcome Charley the Elf!

We finally broke down and joined in on the "Elf on the Shelf" craze.

We spotted him on sale at Target PLUS it came with a $5 gift card with purchase. How could we pass that up!

Although, if he succeeds at convincing our children to act even sweeter than their normal evil fantastic selves, then he would have been worth paying full price. 

Plus he's cute.

I built up the hype on the way home from school. 

"I found something odd when we got home from the grocery store," I said.

Then I built up the story. There was an elf sitting on his Santa's good deed box in the fire place and a book on the coffee table and I had NO CLUE where they had come from. 

I told him that I had taken a picture of the elf with my phone and asked if he would like to see. Of course. His reaction????? "That thing freaks me out."


Luckily when we got home, we read the story and searched all over for him just to find that he had climbed up the Christmas tree and planted himself on one of the top branches. AFTER knocking an ornament off of the tree.

He warmed up quickly and we decided on Charlie.

(My children have a slight obsession with YouTube where they discovered the "Charlie Bit Me" video. They now LOVE this video and watch it repeatedly.)

Now he reminds his younger brothers constantly often that Charley is watching. 

All three of them looking AT THE CAMERA!


Quick! Someone add this date to Wikipedia! 

Too bad no one gave me a real smile. Or any smile at all for the little one there... 

Man I love starting new traditions! I may force them to go with the Charley thing even after they decide that Santa isn't cool anymore... 

(And yes, I know that Charley isn't spelled the "normal" way. I am going to SAY that I did this on purpose, we have a great great great great great great great great great grandpa named Charley, because I definitely didn't get up at 3:30 a.m. with a fussy 1 year old and spell Charlie wrong in our book to keep forever in permanent marker due to extreme exhaustion... So there) 

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