Friday, December 16, 2011

Mason's Mini Birthday Celebration

As I mentioned yesterday, my sweet, oldest little monster turned 6.

Since we had the big birthday party in November for both Ethan and Mason, there was no big party to celebrate on the actual day so we had to have a little something. Especially after the very rough week and a half we have had.

Luckily, I hold on to the majority of my party supplies after a party ends and was able to turn to my "party tub" for some decor to make it special.

We had some festive M&M's, some cupcakes (homemade by Target... Thank you very much. Feverish mommy's don't bake, and if you do... YOU'RE CRAZY!) and topped with some Dum Dum's that would not disappear from our treat bucket. (They're gone now!)

Spray painted Mason (or in this case Kerr) jar with some lolly pops. (that also wouldn't go away)

Everyone's favorite, popcorn. I bought these popcorn holders for Brady's circus 1st birthday party and never used them. (count four of them used. Only about 12 to go!)

Mason's birthday cupcake. Red star candle, also a remnant of the Circus party... (The stand for this lone cupcake is a candle votive and candlestick from The Dollar Tree that were glued together and spray painted.)

And now, our party goers!

Cheap, simple, and much needed with a house full of gloom and sickness. 

Now I can't believe that I am the mom to a 6 year old!

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