Friday, December 2, 2011

Santa's Challenge Day 1!

So today was day one of Santa's Operation Christmas Challenge, the first day of deed doing. 

Not the hit the ground running kind of start I was hoping for, but he is 6 and has the memory of a fruit fly so I am sure we will pick up some momentum.... At least I hope. 

Once again, the deed filled box was found, by Mason, in the fireplace. 

And yes, I am WELL aware that our fireplace is filled with soot. Not necessarily on my high list of priorities and not thought about until now seeing as the majority of the year it is warm enough to wear flip flops down here. 

He tore into it to find out the deed of the day! 

Please overlook his bed head... This was post breakfast, pre hair brushing. 

Deed of the day! Tell your teacher why you love being in her class. 

Transcript of the letter:

Good Morning Mason! It is day 1!

I am so excited for you to get started with spreading Christmas cheer! Are you ready?

Today's good deed is to tell your teacher why you love being in her class! I am sure that she would be so happy to know how glad you are to have her as a teacher. 

Good luck! I know you will so a fantastic job of spreading the Christmas spirit!

Now.... Mason forgot to do this deed while at school today. So now, I am figuring out a way to incorporate the missing of a deed. Santa will, of course, know it hasn't been completed, but no harshness from the Big Guy.

So I am thinking a mentioning of the deed not being complete in a round about/"it's ok, we will try harder next time" kind of way. 

Now, I am off to type! Day 2 deed PLUS "let's make up for the missing yesterday's deed" letter isn't going to type itself. 

Santa... You owe me! I'd like something sparkly!
Or some peace and quiet. Something with a salon day.... 

Think about it. 

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