Thursday, December 1, 2011

Santa's Operation Christmas Challenge

I have been knowing for a while that I wanted to do an advent calender for the boys this season, but I didn't want the run of the mill peel back the paper and pop the chocolate out of a platic mold. (An advent calender they are also doing, hey, it's chocolate and they are kids! They love it)

So I started looking.

Then I ran across this post from I Am Momma Hear Me Roar mentioning the Good Deed Advent Calender that she and her family did last year. I immediately knew that this was what I had been looking for. Especially after Mason informed me the other day that Christmas was about gifts.... Yeah, time to steer his young mind in the right direction! After all, no one enjoys a "gimme" attitude during the most wonderful time of the year.

But then I thought... We really don't have a place to string up 25 small buckets. Maybe something a little more compact???

And then I ran across this post by Delia Creates showcasing an advent calender made up of simply one box that has it's contents replaced daily.

That was PERFECT for us!

So I combined the two and put our own little spin on it.

Now I am calling it, Santa's Operation Christmas Challenge.

I started with a box that I found at the Dollar Tree for, you guessed it, a dollar.

Then, to make it a little more festive, I wrapped it in brown craft paper and added a red and white striped fabric scrap bow.

Next, I decided that the first day of December would be introduction day. I constructed a letter from santa explaining exactly what he was to expect and the reasoning for the "challenge."

The letter says...

From the desk of...
 Santa N. Claus

(Santa apparently has no middle name, but I thought a middle inital looked more professional. So Santa, if your reading this, your middle name is now Nicholas. Go with it.)

Dear Mason,
Ho Ho Hello there Mason! While I get ready for my busiest time of year, I would like for you to do me a favor. So many people forget the true meaning of Christmas. A time for giving and caring and celebrating Jesus' birthday! I need for you to help me remind people of the reason for this joyous season. In this box, each morning until Christmas Day, you will find a deed of the day for you to perform to make someone's day a little brighter. Try your hardest and always remember, a little thoughtfulness goes a long way.

Thank you for your help! You will do GREAT!
See you soon,

After printing the letter, (which I did on a small scale to fit the box and let's face it... Tiny note from Santa??? It doesn't get much more magical than that) I rolled it up like a tiny scroll and tied it with another fabric scrap before placing it on a bed of red sparkly tinsel.

Now, when we get home this evening, the box will be discovered (after some stealthy moves by me) in the fireplace (It's from Santa! Where else would he find it!).

Some of the good deeds that are lined up to "appear" in the box are:
Tell your teacher why you love being in her class
Teach your brothers to make your favorite silly face
Give some toys you don't play with to your local thrift store
Donate a toy to Toys for Tots

And then of course, there will be 19 more!

I am so excited to start this tradition with my boys!

happy Thursday everyone!


  1. I shared this post on our Fbook page tonight, but couldn't find a page for your blog to tag you. Just wanted to let you know! ;) Great Idea!!

    Monica (and Jess)

  2. Thank you SO much!

    I haven't made a Facebook page for my blog yet, but you can tag my personal page to it! I commented on the post on your page! Thank you! I absolutely love reading your blog! You two are blessed with some serious talent.


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