Thursday, December 8, 2011

Overwhelmed???? Me????

Nooooooo.... I NEVER get overwhelmed.

I keep my cool constantly.

Like when we make a trip to our pediatrician's practice on a day that she is out, forcing us to see another doctor in the practice, to find out that it's simply a virus and it will run it's course.

Two days later, we had this...

Definitely not a child on the mend after a simple "virus" ran it's course.... We had a child getting much worse.

After placing a call to our AMAZING pediatrician around 5 yesterday evening, she graciously offered to keep the office open well after their closing time just so she could check Brady out and keep us from going to the ER.

His temp was 103 when we got there.... Severe ear infection and a double eye infection.

Hopefully now that he was shot and is now medicated, he will be on the mend. He was so pitiful. I hate seeing my babies like that.

On top of Brady's illness, there are Christmas parties coming up. My mother and grandmother will be joining us at our house for Christmas Even brunch this year, so I have steadily been collecting brunchy (yes, I said brunchy) recipes for that. Thank you very much Pinterest. I have also been trying to come up with some cute ways of displaying the food. Even if the brunch is small, I would like for it to be special.

There were a few things that I had collected that have since had a little tweaking.

I got this.... I guess it was a dip and things to dip platter at some point??? I got it for little of nothing and I think I like it better as a display plate, so that is what it will be for us.

Gave it a shot of red for festive flare and she's ready to go.

I also got these candle holders at the Dollar Tree... I think everyone has done this so it is pretty well known as to what comes next...

Glue together...


Now this will probably hold some peppermint sticks or maybe some chocolate dipped spoons! Who knows, I'll figure that out later.

Also, I started working on Mason's teacher's Christmas gift. I am planning on making her one of the crayon initial deals... Finger's crossed that it comes out at least halfway decent...

There is way too much going on. Now I understand why people take vacations at Christmas time! I need one!

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  1. I love how these projects turned out! I hope little Brady gets well real soon!


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