Thursday, December 22, 2011

Mall Santa Can O' Worms

As I mentioned previously, we managed to work a Mall Santa visit into our busy schedule of ear infections, colds, and mass antibiotic purchases.

Have you ever had that wonderful moment of hearing your child tell Santa the ONE THING they want for Christmas just to realize that the ONE THING is NOT one of the many things "Santa" already has hiding throughout your home...


Out of the massive number of things we have hidden, a talking, remote control Lightning McQueen wasn't one of them. We also managed to realize that we had purchased an item that Mason had already gotten for his birthday.

 Solution, exchange the talking Mater for the talking, remote control Lightning McQueen.

Issue here? Talking Mater cost all of 20 bucks.

Remote control talking Lightning McQueen..... 60 freaking dollars.

As if shelling out an unexpected 40 bucks isn't enough, I manage to get a babysitter last night so that I can FINALLY finish my Christmas shopping and my husband decides that he has some time before he is called for work and he is going to go with me.

What happens? He gets called immediately upon walking into Target.

So guess who STILL hasn't finished her shopping?

Nothing puts me in the Christmas spirit quite like last minute shopping while having strangers glued to my elbows. Not too mention that usually the strangers I end up next to, choose not to bathe regularly.

As previously mentioned, next Christmas's shopping/decorating/preparation starts (not in August as previously suggested) in January.

A year should put me on track for getting it right.... Right?

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