Saturday, December 3, 2011

Santa's Challenge Day 2!

It is day 2 of the Santa's Operation Christmas Challenge!

Mason is starting to really get into it. Instead of having to be reminded to see if the box has reappeared in the chimney, he made sure to check! 

(After being crinkled up by the two smallest little monsters)

Day 2's letter says:

Good Morning Mason! It is day 2 and man am I busy getting ready for Christmas! 
I know that sometimes we get so busy each day, we forget to do things! I know that I do! Since you didn’t get a chance to tell Mrs. Simmerman why you love being in her class yesterday, let’s try to remember to do it Monday morning! I just know that it would be so special to her!  Don’t forget! 
As for today....Today’s deed is to teach your brothers how to make your very favorite silly face. Sometimes little brothers don’t quite know how to make a good silly face and since you are SO good at it, I know that you are just the one for the job. 

I am so excited to see which silly face you teach them to make!
Good Luck! 

My kids are very much in to silly faces and I knew Mason would love this one. Especially since he loves teaching his brothers to do things that he is a pro at.

So he got started right away. I literally didn't even finish reading the letter before he started! 

Showing his brothers how to make his favorite silly face. He is such an awesome big brother. 

And he promised me that first thing Monday morning he was definitely NOT going to forget to tell his teacher why he loves being in her class! 

Hopefully we are back on track! 

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