Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Chair Redo Progress

After multiple posts depicting all of these amazing chair redos, I decided to start my own. The idea of recovering something, even something as simple as a cushion, has always freaked me out, but when the chair cost you a whopping $5 why not give it a shot!

So, after a trip to the Mission of Hope...

Meet Stella and Lola.

They're cute and their potential made them much more deserving of some Mission of Hope fate. So I adopted them. And yes, I named them. If I am going to love them and invest in their future, then by golly I deserve to be able to name them.

Then, after some convincing that they were not worth being deserted at the MOH, I started ridding them of their stinky, tattered dressings. (which look something like some type of horrible carpet gone wrong)

Then again...

And again... (Oh some horrible leathery ickiness)

and AGAIN... (and this time, I gagged. It was that nasty looking)

And under that was worse, but finally a glimpse of some wood!
Now, and please excuse her nakedness. She won't be that way for long.

She looks so much better already! And nothing is done yet, but getting rid of the horrible cushion! (If that is what you'd even call that science experiment gone wrong!)

Unfortunately, this project is now at a standstill. I am missing some key tools to finish them, such as wood putty, liquid nails, the fabric (or canvas that I may stencil) to recover the seat, and the foam for the cushion.

Hopefully all of this will be done soon. I am excited to see how they look when they are done! 

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