Tuesday, September 20, 2011

If Loving Burlap is Wrong....

I don't want to be right!

I am currently in the process of making burlap table runners for our big upcoming 6th/1st Railroad Birthday Party Extravaganza. 

This is an extremely rough draft as to what the runners will look like. They need something across the bottom for sure. Still deciding what exactly will be down there.... Not to mention that I did this one before measuring the tables and it is entirely too short. Live, learn, and always measure. Now I have three of the five runners measured out, just have to cut and assemble. Overall I think they will be precious. This birthday is a labor of love.... Heavy on the labor. But also on the cheap, so I am not going to complain.

As for burlap.... This wonder fabric may have also manage to sneak into a large portion of my fall decor.... Is my house already decorated for Halloween.... Maybe. Are my boys and I enjoying the heck out of it, definitely.

I am currently working on this...

Not even close to finished, but I do believe the end result will be satisfactory. I have a long frame that SOMEHOW managed to magically end up with broken glass... How it happened I have NO idea, but it definitely did not happen after I dropped it on the floor.
The frame is hanging on the wall of my dining room, sad and empty. Soon this revamped, fall back and the sad empty frame will be reunited. After I give these naked pumpkins a stem and some leafy goodness!

What else do I have going on.... Oh yes! I finally cleaned up my old tool box and gave him a good coat of Krylon loveliness.

This is my poor toolbox before...

And don't get me wrong... I loved him before! His rust, his dust, his rough and tumble vibe. My only issue was that I purchased him, for a whopping $.50, for the food table of the boys joint party. And rusty toolbox on a food table just didn't sit right with me. Soooo...

He's still rough and tumble, just not so rusty or dusty. I'm liking him though. I made sure to scuff him up a bit so he didn't lose his true self... We can't have that now can we!

I do hope that everyone is having one very MARVELOUS Tuesday! And if you aren't....

How can you not be after looking at that!
Happy Fall!


  1. Thank you for taking the time to link up to the "about you" linky! I loved reading it :) Little boys are a handful but sooo much fun. What a darling family you have!

  2. Well you are very welcome and thank you! They are most definitely a handful, but they make life fun. Until they hit their teens... And then I may be singing a different tune.


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