Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Cupcake Bouquet!

Buying birthday presents, make that any presents, for my mom is difficult. So when her birthday started heading my way, I decided that making something was the way to go. 

Enter, the Cupcake Bouquet! 

Start with an awesome pot that you found for only a big fat $.70, get home and find out that the styrofoam ball that you have is too small for said pot, whip out a bucket that you have handy, Krylon love it, smack a little Cricut love on the front, and you have the beginning! (I can't do anything the easy way. Stupid too big pot!)

Then insert styrofoam ball who let you down by being too small for original Cupcake Bouquet pot.

Wood dowels to keep your cupcakes where they need to be...

Bake some cupcakes, frost some cupcakes, fight with your Cricut for two hours trying to cut out the wrappers that you want just to find out that your Cricut hates you and refuses to do so, feel defeated, cut out simple wrappers, wrap and assemble. 

I added the burlap detail after deciding that I wasn't a fan of seeing the styrofoam through the spaces around the bottom edges. Over all, I love how it came out. I am actually very proud. 

Will I make it again? You bet your bottom! Somewhat easy, if I had done it anyone else's way, and not too hefty on the wallet. 

Happy Birthday to my Mom! THE best mom/dad/driver/chef/crafter/baker/seamstress around! 


  1. This is adorable! Thanks for sharing. I'll definitely have to give this a try for a birthday gift.

    Visiting from aglimpseinside

    Dana @

  2. It's cute, simple, and easy on the wallet! Not too mention, there isn't anything like a homemade gift, and cupcakes... Who doesn't like cupcakes!


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