Thursday, September 22, 2011

Why Is That Crazy Lady Loading A Huge Door Frame Into A Truck In The Rain???

Well, that crazy lady was me. 

That's right folks! I performed my very first EDR. That's right. E. D. R. Emergency. Dumpster. Rescue. 

Every day on the way to pick my son up from school I pass by a door and window company. Said door and window company leaves any unwanted pallets, doors, or windows on the side of their building. For days now I have driven past this place and saw this door frame sitting all sad and lonely next to that mean old dumpster. Well, I finally stopped. I went inside and politely asked if they had plans for that poor little door frame. They didn't. He actually said that any time I see anything out there that I may want that I am more than welcome to help myself. (Future score? I think so) 

Well, I soon found out that the cute little door frame was NOT so little. Nor was it as old as I was thinking. But, being the good samaritan that I am, I adopted it anyway. 

Then she was loaded into my boss's truck. 

In the rain. 

In 6 inch heels. 

Not. Fun. 

Even though she isn't as old and rustic as she appeared from the road, she still have some pieces that could be made into something lovely. So. Today, I got down and dirty and started ripping her apart. After an HOUR of going at this thing, this is how far I have gotten...

This one piece is off. ONE PIECE. AN HOUR. ONE PIECE (in case that didn't sink in). This is the very top, which in the picture (since the picture is sideways because the door WILL NOT fit into our store sitting up right) is the very left. 

I am thinking that after stripping the not so lovely paint off of the framing, a paint job with a little distressing, and a lyric from mine and my husband's song (which is interesting in itself) it will be a success! Can you imagine it handing on the wall? I can! And I am excited! 

Stay tuned folks! It's going to be a good one! 

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