Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Thank God for Small Successes!

So, as of here lately, I have been.... somewhat discouraged. A failed crafting project tends to do that to me.

So all I have done the past week or so are little things, but each success, no matter how small, is a success none the less.... Right?

Here are a few of them:

The frame I have had forever. I originally got it at Target and have since painted it about a million times. Now, however, it is polka dotted and scuffed to heck and back. The picture is from a 1940's children's book that I fell in love with at our local flea market. I hated disassembling it, but I loved the illustrations enough to power through it. I have about ten or so more that I want to frame also, just have to actually do it. I like it though!

I also Mod Podged one of the boys' initials. When I got them originally I was ok with the finish they came with. Now, after being knocked off of the wall and thrown around, not so much. One is painted, this one is Mod Podged, and the rest will be redone in some other random medium. I like the idea of all of them being different.

I hope everyone else is completing things much more efficiently than I am! I need to get to work! 

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