Tuesday, September 13, 2011

It isn't October yet????

I have been perusing the shelves of every store I have entered for a glimpse of Halloween stuff for weeks now.

Well, yesterday morning I spotted it. It took all of two seconds after stepping into Target and The Dollar Tree for me to figure out that the Halloween stuff was finally out. Well, some of it ended up randomly jumping into my cart and following me home! How crazy is that! 

 This little baby was conjured up by myself after finding a gallon Ziploc baggy full of these spools of thread at GW. I knew I would be able to use them for something. A little twine and some nature later and I have some pumpkins. (Not too mention some snowmen when Christmas rolls around and maybe even some turkeys when Thanksgiving comes!)

Freezer paper stenciled burlap runner. It still needs something. I just haven't put my finger quite on what that something is.

My little white pumpkins with twine stems came from the Dollar Tree. They were an awful shade of orange with ugly plastic stems, but after a little Krylon lovin and glue gun/twine tag teaming they look much better. And at a dollar a pice.... Forget about it! 

Am I finished with the Halloween decor? Not even CLOSE! Next trip to Target and the good old DT and there will be more! 


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