Thursday, September 15, 2011

Happy Birthday!!!!

34 years ago today, my husband began his journey of finding me and carrying out his destined path of driving me nuts for the rest of our lives!

Since his work schedule is so crazy, last night is when we had our little cupcake celebration.

And of course since he is THE biggest Auburn fan that I know....


(I may or may not have used glitter paper to construct the football team themed wrappers and topper... He didn't comment and they needed some pizazz)

They turned out so cute! AND, added bonus, I didn't have to fight with my Cricut for HOURS trying to get the right cuts! Doubly awesome.... That's my kind of project! Unfortunately, I did not get to go all Paula Dean on some fancy cupcake flavors since my husband is a good old fashioned yellow cake with chocolate frosting kind of guy, but it did make it easier! So I will take that!

Happy Birthday Honey!
(Us at the Auburn game last Saturday. The tickets were part of his Father's Day gift basket. And might I add... Football games are a lot more fun to watch when you are actually AT them.)

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