Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Vintage Train Party- Drink Table Decor

So as I sat here yesterday thinking about how I was going to arrange the drink table at the Vintage Train Party this weekend, I got to thinking.... There really isn't going to be much on that table! That table is OF COURSE going to need some pizazz!

Well, a month or so ago my aunt and uncle, being the wonderfully amazing people that they are, gifted me four old wooden windows.


Old wooden windows would fit just snuggly in with my vintage themed party!

Enter.... The window. 

Lovely, by all means, on it's own, but a tad bit..... Empty.

It wouldn't be adding too much "decoration" to the drink table on it's own.

And that is where the double sided cardstock left over from the invites, the black cardstock left over from some banners, the thrift store fabric strips left over from the OTHER banners, twine left over from ALL of the banners, and my Carousel Cricut cartidge come in to play...

After a few minutes of cutting and assembling...


If it is hard to read (which I am sure it is since I am at work and OF COURSE forgot my camera at home forcing me to use my cell phone to take pictures) what it says....

"Eat, Drink, & Chug"

Get it.... CHUG.... Since it's train themed.... (I will insert your giggling/"Oh what a clever idea for a train themed party" thoughts here for my own amusement.

So there you have it! In horrible picture form, but here none the less!

I promise, after the party Saturday there will be TONS of pictures for all to get a better look!

Everyone have a LOVELY Tuesday!

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