Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Wooden Train Whistle Pizazz

So, I have a slight issue with coming up with AWESOME ideas for parties at the BEST times. And of course, by best times I mean at the very last minute causing me to rush to do even more than I originally planned on.

Now, is one of those moments. With just a mere 3 prep days before the party, I decided that the super awesome dollar section train whistles I scored at Target (you can read about that win here) were a little boring plain.

I mean, can you really just give a blank whistle with absolutely no "Train Party Pizazz?"

I didn't think so.

SO my sweet whistles got a little makeover.

Just a little.

I mean, look at them! Don't they look sad???? If I was that plain, I would be sad. (And you would too, don't lie)

So I got to work.

 I used my handy dandy Cricut to cut out M&E. Since the invitations were made to look like tickets from the M&E Railroad (aka Mason and Ethan, since it is a joint party), it seemed fitting that the whistles display the same traits. After cutting out the M&E on some card stock, I simply placed my homemade stencil onto the whistle and used a sponge brush to apply the black paint.

I like that it kind of looks a little rough around the edges like a stamp.  

Then, since I still have a lot of thrifted fabric left over from some of the other birthday projects, I tied a little strip onto each whistle for a little color.

Don't they look so much better! A little easy (FREE) personalization! Now, I want to add the date of the party! I may have to do that today.

(There's that adding things at the last minute deal again. I wonder how many more times it will happen before Saturday gets here.....)


  1. Sooo cute! love the monogram on them


    1. Thank you! They had to have SOMETHING. That plain wood was not working for me.


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