Sunday, November 20, 2011

Sunday Shenanigans

Oh what a crazy weekend. 

Thursday night I was up until 2 a.m. baking cakes to be decorated on Friday.

Friday I ran around like a mad woman buying the rest of the food and supplies for the party.

Friday evening I baked and dipped and decorated cakes until 9 p.m. when my husband doubled over in pain and informed me that we needed to take a trip to the ER. 


Luckily I had JUST finished the last of the baking/dipping/decorating, so I threw on something not covered in chocolate and icing and we headed out. 

Turns out he has a 6mm kidney stone hanging out in his bladder. He still hasn't passed it and we were informed that there is no telling when he will, but IF he is able to (because apparently 5mm is the cutoff as far as the "you can definitely pass it on your own" kidney stones go)  it will be EXTREMELY painful. 

He is definitely not looking forward to that moment and neither am I. Him more so than me of course. 

Luckily his pain subsided and we ended up home around 1:30a.m.. 

Saturday, up bright and early! It was party day! 

The party went off without a hitch. (Thank you Lord)

And today... 

Today has been a whole lot of nothing. 

I've cleaned up from the party overflow and we have sat. We have watched movies. And we have snacked.

And in between...


I hope that everyone had a fantastic weekend! I, for one, can say that although hectic, ours was wonderful. 

I am, however, looking forward to work tomorrow! 


  1. The train party decor was PERFECT!!! Rest lots!!! I'll be thinking of you and checking back!!! I'm following you!

    Hugs, Aimee @ ItsOverflowing

  2. Thank you so much! It was a labor of love and I am MORE than willing to sit back and relax for a few days before tackling Christmas decor this weekend.

  3. Hey my dear, thanks for dropping by the blog.I updated my post with some links to shops that sell paper straws!

    CUTE vintage train party by the way!

  4. Oh thank you so much! I will definitely get over there and check them out. That wreath was precious!

  5. Thank you so much for stopping by. I have many more Christmas ideas coming up ;-). Have a wonderful day - maks :-)


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