Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Halloween Send Off...

Thank you Lord Halloween is over!

But before we throw it to the wayside, I have to show off some pictures of my little trick or treaters....

On our way! My little pirate was excited, but...

Iron Man was out before we even got there.

Brady wasn't too sure about all of this, but after me showing him the ropes at the first house he would tell me stop at the curb while he walked up to get the candy himself.

And like the wonderful kids they are, they told every single person thank you after getting their candy.

And when Brady's little legs had had enough, he took a ride. He sure as heck wasn't letting go of that candy though!

Triple dipping. Hey, what are you supposed to do when someone leaves a huge bowl of candy on the porch! Luckily, we knew these people...

Showing off his loot!

And Iron Man, Mason, finally slowed down enough for me to get a shot of him and his loot.

And at my aunt's and uncle's annual Halloween Party on the 29th...

Brady making his, "I am about to eat my second cupcake" face.

Me and my little devil. He was so precious. Tail and all. 

At the entrance to Spider Hollow. My aunt and uncle go all out for Halloween, choosing a theme and having coordinating haunted trails/activities. The boys and I didn't go through the trail, but we heard it was awesome. 

I hope everyone enjoyed their Halloween! Now.... Who's ready for some turkey!

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