Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Christmas Past

Christmas time is near again.

And as always I get to thinking, there is no Christmas quite like a Christmas with children.

Having my boys makes Christmas a very unique experience.

The letters to Santa.

The baking of the cookies.

The repeatedly replacing ornaments that have found themselves used for pitching practice onto our kitchen floor....

Christmas with children is... Well, magical.

So today, in preparation for the approaching holidays... A little of OUR Christmas Past.

Christmas 2009

Loving on his brother, which, oddly enough, sometimes ends up looking like him strangling him.

Mason with his letter to Santa... I wrote exactly what he said, so it ended up pretty funny. If you look closely you will notice that in the middle of the letter he started singing a song he was making up as he went... It all made it into the letter.

How precious was he!

And Christmas 2010

Ethan was only one month old in this shot so he could care less, Mason busted out his catalog modeling shoot pose, and Brady..... As you can see he was not having it. AT ALL. I'm hoping that this year goes a little better than last...

And our little family at Christmas Eve brunch at my mother's house.

And my sweet baby boys all snug in their jammies. I cannot believe how big they are getting!

I am so excited for Christmas this year. Mason is old enough to actually write his letter to Santa himself, Brady s big enough to enjoy the holidays even more so that last year, and Ethan actually knows (partially) what is going on!

But until then....

HAPPY THANKSGIVING EVERYONE! I hope you all have a safe and wonderful holiday and that your crazy relatives are magically not so crazy tomorrow!

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