Friday, November 11, 2011

Party Planning Win and Some Random Things

You know that moment when you click the order button and realize that the standard ship date is well after when you will need the item where you have to decide if paying the extra amount for express shipping is justified by your need for the item..... 

Yeah, that feeling. That feeling sucks. 

The moment I saw that estimated delivery date November 22nd pop up on the screen my heart sank. 

Double the shipping? Or suck it up and have a train themed birthday party without wooden train whistles?

I chose to do without. I could not for the life of me justify spending $60. I was upset that there would be no whistles, but lesson learned. Two weeks before the party is NOT ample delivery time. (I find this odd)

So, the next morning while performing my daily Target rounds (yes I walk aimlessly around Target in the hour I have between when I drop my last child off and when I have to be at work) and sulking from my previous day's disappointments, I decided to peruse the dollar section (as usual). 

Then.... Like a beacon of light on a dark stormy night (or like finding a piece of chocolate in your purse in the middle of having a horrible day), there they were. 

Wooden. Train. Whistles. IN the dollar section! But alas, do they have enough? I need 12! Do they have 12! 

They not only have 12.... They have FOURTEEN! 

Needless to say...

I bought every one they had. 

Is that luck or what! I was literally so excited when I spotted them, that I yelled (not whispered, not spoke softly, YELLED) "WHAT IS UP!" (A friend and I started saying that in moments of amazement back in high school and occasionally is pops up. This seemed like a fitting time for it to make an appearance)

I'm sure the majority of Target shoppers in the general area now think I am nuts, but what do I care!n I have wooden train whistles!

But, on to another super discovery.

While checking out the GW the other day, I found this little beauty.

It's a few years old, but packed with some very good ideas and recipes. 

Is it just me, or does she always look like she just kicked you out of her special club?

One of my favorite things from the book came out of nowhere. 

Baking pan wall sconces?????? I don't know about this...

Holy. Cow. Yes, I DO know about this! Aren't these awesome! I would have never even thought of this! Now, I MUST try it! 

But, that will have to wait. I am deep into party planning mode now. Today has been jam packed with party supply shopping. 

So much so that my dining room table looks like this...


I am so ready for this party to happen! 

I hope everyone has a fantastic weekend! Ours will be packed with party preparedness.

Only 1 week to go! 

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