Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Ferris Wheels, Tilt A Whirls, and Fried Things... Oh My!

The far finally came back to town and this year... This year we made sure that the oldest two little monsters had their first fair experience.

To say they loved it, is an understatement. Even if they refused to smile or gave me fake smiles for pictures...

I LOVE the merry go round, but they had this baby turned up FULL BLAST. Riding this thing at the light of speed while holding on to you and your child for dear life doesn't make it QUITE as fun to ride.

Daddy decided to ride an adult ride.... His first words once he dismounted, "Never Again." The boys and I got a chuckle out of it.

The boys watching daddy on the ride.

We had fun, ate things that no human should eat, and my husband and I squeezed ourselves into rides that definitely weren't meant for our largeness, but we had a blast. Although, I have to say, I am glad the fair is a once a year trip. (and eating a friend Reese's cup should DEFINITELY only happen once a year)


  1. How fun! Carnivals and Halloween go hand in hand. Now, where did I put that carmel apple to top it all off?

  2. Oh yes maam! We had so much fun. Unfortunately, I didn't get a caramel apple! I have regretted it ever since! I am planning on making some for the boys' joint party in a few weeks though, so I will get my fill then!


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