Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Oh, How I Love This Time of Year!

Yes, I broke down and put up the majority of our Christmas stuff... 

But boy do I love walking into our living room to the soft glow of the Christmas tree lights. 

(Please ignore my droopy art mesh. One of my little Georges of the Jungle latched onto it like it was some type of connecting vine. 

Also... I tried out a new cookie recipe tonight!!!!

Dark Chocolate Chip Comfort Cookies are officially my new favorite cookie.

They're gooey. And chocolatey. And have just a teeny tiny hint of peanut butter flavoring....

They are seriously amazing.

I stumbled across the recipe on one of my FAVORITE websites, She always has super fantastic ideas/recipes and when I saw this one.... I KNEW we were meant to partake in some recipe/baker alone time (which may be described, somewhat, as me baking them and then sitting in the recliner eating them while the boys are asleep and well after I should be in bed even though I originally baked them to take to Thanksgiving tomorrow.... I should still have enough to take. I hope.). 

The cookies are seriously good. Just the right amount of gooeyness while still being a good solid cookie. 

And the chocolate.... 

You MUST give them a try. They are extremely easy to whip up and don't require any fancy ingredients. In fact, you should have most of them around! 

Give them a try. If you love chocolate, such as myself, you will LOVE them.

Now I am off to have just ONE more cookie and then off to bed! I've got an early morning whipping up a homemade mac n' cheese recipe from my Martha Stewart holiday book I scored at the GW a few weeks ago. 

Keep your fingers crossed that the M&C turns out as well as the cookies! 



  1. My youngest daughter and I were looking for something to bake over the weekend. Thanks so much for sharing this! I can't wait to try it :)

  2. You're very welcome! Have a very happy Thanksgiving!


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