Thursday, June 7, 2012

What?! New projects that are DONE?!?

Well Happy Thursday!

I hope everyone's Thursday is as fantastic as spotting the very last pair of wedges you've been eyeing at Target and finding out that they are your size AND marked down to 8.98!

If that sounds super specific, it may or may not be because that happened to me this morning..... Nothing says, "Hey, now, you have a wonderful Thursday!" quite like a good heaping dose of destiny. (Shoes aren't classified under luck, it's a destiny thing. It's a fact. Look it up.)

Now, on to business.

As I mentioned in my previous post, my creativity has been seriously lacking here lately. Well, I kicked into high gear yesterday and finished NOT ONE, but TWO projects!

First up! This mirror!

I managed to find it on Facebook, of all places! A friend was moving and wanted to get rid of it so I snagged it up! I mean, seriously. Who can pass up a pretty large mirror for $10?!? NO ONE! No one who is sane at least.

SO then I had to decide what color to make it. Now, I am a big fan of color. LOVE color. But when I was shopping the spray paint and started finding myself drawn to the red, I couldn't help but start to worry a little. I mean, it's red. Really red. And it is a large mirror so that is a lot of red.


I am so glad that I chose it! LOVE this color! Love the pop of color it is going to give to our dining room!

And I roughed it up a bit as well, you know.... Because it is physically impossible to paint furniture without giving it a shabby chic vibe.

For me at least.

And then there is project numero dos!

So the other day I was reading through my blog feed and I came across a post from Q.A. Design where they had designed a blog for Life as a Thrifter.

As soon as I saw the title for the blog, of course me being a thrift lover myself, I had to check it out.

Let me just say.... I LOVE her blog! LOVE LOVE LOVE it! And her house is PRECIOUS! She has such an amazing eye and has some truly amazing redo's!

While I was wandering around her pages upon pages of awesomeness, I came across something I knew I had to do myself.

This pallet art was a must do!

When I did mine, I knew that I wanted to put it in my boys' room and since "You are my sunshine" has always been a big song in our family, it fit perfectly!

I have no "in progress" pictures, but the completed project! '

And again...

I love how it turned out! A huge thanks to her for the awesome idea!

And a huge apology for the crappy photos! All of these were taken randomly with my phone, so the quality sucks, but at least you get to see them!

On to Thursday! Have a fantastic day! A last pair of shoes you have been eyeballing for weeks and they're your size and only 9 bucks kind of day!


  1. Thanks for coming by and i hope to see ya at the Marketplace this weekend...I will be there Fri.6-9 and Sat. 9-5...please be sure to tell me who you are. I also have a weekly linky party...NIFTY THRIFTY TUESDAY and I would love to have you join us there and show off these wonderful thrifty items...your pallet art is super cute!!


    1. Thank you! Well we are going to have to stop by then and see all of the wonderful things. I cannot believe I haven't heard of this Market before! But I am glad I found out about it in time to make it by there this weekend!

      Thank you for coming by and I hope you have a wonderful day!


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