Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Well, Hello Again Old Friend...

I AM still kicking!

Where have I been? Oh... Where shall I start.
1. I started a boutique based primarily on Facebook until the website is up and running. The Trunk Show is off the ground and growing. (Which is a relief. Thank you lord sweet baby Jesus.) Check it out if you get a chance!
2. I've been a mom, a wife, a friend, an employee, a small business owner, a cook, a nurse, and a crazy woman. But that's all normal.
3. (and most importantly) I've been aware. Aware of how quickly things are evolving and growing into new and different things.

We've been taking a lot of trips to the beach. Every chance we get to be honest. Being in that apartment wears down my spirit in the worst way. I can just FEEL the life being sucked out of me by being there. Unfortunately, unlike previously stated in my New Years post, we won't be buying a house this year. It is looking like it will be the beginning of next year. I know that waiting is the smart thing to do and that once we do buy our home we will be in SUCH a good place and we will be able to thoroughly enjoy it. But.... For now... It stinks. That apartment has zapped just about every ounce of creativity that I have. Which, of course, completely kills my crafting. Ugh. I miss my crafting.

On to the beach. And the boys!

I can safely say there will be A LOT of trips to the beach this summer.


Followed by milkshakes.

And naps on the way back home. Not for me, of course.

There is nothing quite as relaxing as sipping on a chocolate milkshake on a gorgeous sunset drive across Mobile Bay while the boys snooze away in the backseat.

It makes me almost feel normal.


I hope everyone is well! Hopefully I can get back to doing this pretty normally!

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