Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Things I Love... The Photo Edition

Lacking on the random post front? No fear! Here you go!

A current array of photos from my phone for a glimpse into our lives. Otherwise known as...

Things I Love, The Photo Edition.

1. My Hooded Boys
Prepped for a rainy day! (Something we have definitely not been lacking on lately.)

 2. Tiny Munchkins who are too smart for their own good.
Days of heavy raining brought about many flooded roads around town. Ethan Cole being the proactive individual that he is, prepared by situating himself into his very own personal canoes.  

3. Do I REALLY need to explain the photo...
Mornings made possible.

4. The sound of rain on the windshield. 
Not so much the soaking wet, frizzy hair cat lady look after running through the rain to get to my car.

5. The sky as the storms move out. 
Not so much the humidity and heat that those storms moving out bring.

6. Those sweet little fat cheeks. 
Isn't he a doll!

7.  Seriously tiny things.
Case in point this frog that was outside our house! Is he not adorable!!!! That is literally no bigger than an eraser. I almost thought it was a bug!

8. Sunshine after rainy days...  

Found this at my favorite thrift store and paid $5 for it. I am thinking either chalkboard or ripping the back off and attaching chicken wire for a little clothespin photo/art display to hang on the wall....

10. Hall and Oates.
Seriously.... Do I NEED to say anything else?

11. Afternoon snacks.
Marble Slab peanut butter ice cream with hot fudge. Mmmmm...

Happy Tuesday!


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