Thursday, June 21, 2012

New Opportunities!

If you haven't noticed yet... I am an avid thrifter.

(All items in photo were thrifted. Both stuffed animals, that I love, and gorgeous old suitcase WITH PanAm tag still hanging from the handle. The kid would have been thrifted too, if I didn't get to grow him myself.)

This amuses me considering my extreme hatred for the Goodwill as a child/teen. I despised any thrift/resale/junk store and while my mother (being the avid thrifter she is) took me into these places, I HATED it.

I hated the smell. I hated the idea of having to sift through things. I hated everything about it.

Now.... Well, now I am a tad bit obsessed. 

The Vintage Farmhouse in Fairhope, Al. So many GORGEOUS things. That ladder hanging from the ceiling.... PRECIOUS! Just like the majority of the things in their amazing store!

I have grown a lot since my GW hating days. My eyes have been opened to the amazingness that is thrifting.

And I am basically turning into my mother.

Which isn't necessarily a bad thing.

Now, with this thrifting obsession fondness comes stuff. Lots of stuff. Stuff that I don't always have room for at home, but CANNOT leave behind.

My mother has this issue as well....

We may have found a solution! Or opportunity if you will, to put this love of thrifting to good use!

A local establishment has some vendor space available!

How perfect is this! A place to give the items I no longer have room for a new and loving home and also a place to showcase and sell some of the crafting projects I have done with some of my thrift store finds!

I am so excited to quite possibly have a new opportunity for more thrifting!

Wait, I meant..... Offering some of my neglected items a new home.

And maybe more thrifting....

Definitely more thrifting.

But we won't mention that part to my husband. :)

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