Thursday, June 21, 2012

New, Pretty, Colorful Things! For CHEAP!

I made absolutely SURE to pack everything I would need from work to bring home to hang my newest completed projects. 



So, without further adieu...

The before

How sad is that! I mean.... Let's face it, it's pathetic. The window was ONLY put there because it was an empty nail and I needed it off of the floor so the boys didn't break it. 

So it hung there. All alone for months. 


But now..... NOW! 


Lots and lots of color! Well, not lots and lots, but a lot more than there was!

And let me just say... I am COMPLETELY in love with this record cover wall hanging. 

Beyond in love.

I would buy it an engagement ring and plan a trip to Bora Bora for this thing. 

Ok, the Bora Bora trip is more for me, but that is unimportant.

Look at it! In all of it's $14 glory! 

It's quirky and eclectic and cheap and colorful.

It's everything that I love.

It's ME! 

And this.... Well, this I love as well, but we had a very tumultuous "coming together."

My hand is STILL sore from this. 

Still. And no, old dresser mirror frame turned jewelry hanger, I have not forgotten about the trouble you gave me. 

But your bright red loveliness is helping. It is also helping that you only cost me a whopping $5. 

It doesn't show up well in the photo (especially because we get hardly ANY natural light in here), but the hanger is a pretty bright, lovely red. Stinking lack of windows! I swear this apartment was designed by a vampire. Everyone loves windows! That is the only reasonable explanation. 

Mmmmmmm.... Much better.

Now, who wants to sew me some bright, colorful, throw pillows for my bed!

I'll bake you some cupcakes! 

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