Saturday, June 9, 2012

Saturday Shenanigans

Well Happy Saturday Night! 

This weekend has been SO laid back so far. Without leaving us cooped up in the house. 

A balance that I LOVE! 

We had planned all week on spending Friday at the beach. 

Friday came and..... It was raining like crazy!

Us being the risk takers that we are, opted to load up and take a chance anyway.

And boy are we glad that we did! It didn't rain a drop while we were there! 

The boys love the beach so much. Or should I say, the bay. The bay , for me, is so much easier than the beach when it is just me and them. So we will be frequenting the bay this summer. With a few beach trips sprinkled in there... Man I love living near the water and having that choice!

And then today!  

I hit the mommy jackpot today and had a babysitter for my day of thrifting. Of course, the Mobile weather was not cooperative. It literally POURED all day long. 


I, of course, didn't let that deter me. 

I dropped the boys off with my mom and headed off to my favorite thrift store. 

Of course, I went on a mission this time. I was looking for pieces specifically to tackle a new project I found on one of my newest favorite blogs that I am SUPER excited about.

Now... A little sneak peak photo. Or two.

Oh I am SOOOOOO excited about this project! 

More on that soon...

Until then... Everyone enjoy the rest of your weekend!

Only one day left! 


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