Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Record Covers, Dresser Mirrors, and Blisters... OH MY!

Who finished not one, but TWO projects this morning....

You're darn right!


So this is what being productively creative feels like!

I FINALLY finished up my record cover art, and to say I love it would be a serious understatement!


It's so colorful and bright and fun! JUST what I love!

Not too mention it is going to look perfect on my stark white walls above my purple comforter covered bed.

And what will join this new piece of wall art????

My new jewelry holder made from the frame of an old dresser mirror!

Now, I am all for redos and repurpose projects, but chicken wire is the devil!


My hands are so red and abused right now, that I can barely write my name! All of the pulling and tugging and wire cutting and industrial stapling has reduced my hand to a wimpy, sad excuse for an extremity.

Poor hand! You can't see it in this picture, but it's abused!

Right now they are just randomly hanging in my office, but as soon as they take their positions on my wall at home, a better picture will be posted!

Oh, I can hear my bedroom screaming for the color as we speak!

WE'RE COMING, BEDROOM! We are coming!

Have I mentioned how much I love finished projects.....

Well I do!

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