Tuesday, June 19, 2012


A story of covers no longer covering their intended subjects, but having new life breathed into them through covering something new.

AKA- Wood.

To go on my wall.

In the form of art work.

Have I explained that title enough yet???

Well hello and Happy Tuesday to you!

As previously sneak peeked, I have been collecting some of a certain common thrift store item for a project I have been wanting to recreate!

The second I saw this project on Life as a Thrifter... I was smitten.

I mean, come on, how precious an idea is this!

At that moment, I knew I was doing it. (a huge thank you to Holly for the idea and many more that are now in my "have to do it" memory bank!!!)


I FINALLY found enough interesting record covers to get started!

Thanks to my favorite thrift store I managed to find 6 of them that tickled my fancy at $1 a pop ($6 so far).

Then I found the wood. Thank you Lowes... 1/4 inch thick, 2X4 sheet of Birch- $7. (I chose this because it was thin and light weight, therefore, in my mind, easier to hang. Also, it was cheap. And I like cheap. If I could have found a sheet of wood at a thrift store I would have done it that way. And don't think I didn't ask!)

Now, instead of trimming this down and using the 6 that I had.... What did I decide was easier? Just finding 2 more covers.

So the search began.

And continued....

And continued......... 

Goodwill offered up ONE. ONE! How did they only have ONE decent one in the entire pile! Not too mention it was more expensive! Goodwill record cover $1.19. (Plus I bought one children's one since I plan on doing one of these for the boys room, and a Christmas one since I plan on making a Christmas themed one to use during the holidays, and an old fashioned egg basket that at 99 cents I couldn't leave behind, AND an old fashioned pie tin that I plan on making a tiered dealio with once I find some of it's distant relatives... But those prices are not included since they are not related to the project at hand. Also, I may have noticed a slight thrifting addiction through that list...)

Then... TADA!

Salvation Army comes to the rescue! AND at a whopping 1.77 for THREE OF THEM! THREE! (Why didn't I go there first!)

SO now we could get the ball rolling!

I used a pencil to mark out the grid for placing the covers. OF COURSE I didn't take a picture of this because I usually get too antsy to finish during a project and completely space on the picture taking....

And then start spreading some glue out and putting the puzzle together!

I probably should have used a glue a little more suited for cardboard to wood fusion, but this is what I had, so it better work!

And then..... We wait! Which is not easy for me because I don't like to wait. I like immediate results!

I flipped the whole thing over and placed some weight on top to help the glue adhere.

Hopefully all is well under there!

Now, don't worry about the seemingly staggering pattern you see from the back. I assure you that from the front all looks well and symmetrical.

Now.... I have to wait for my hangers to get here since they are currently en route. Then it is time to get those babies on there!

Do I sense a hanging and a photo of a finished project in the very near future?


Fingers crossed it looks ok! I am optimistic and it better, because my husband is doubtful and an I told you so from me to him would be phenomenal!

YAY for new finished (almost) projects!

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