Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Halloween Costume Shoot!

I would like a pat on the back.

First off for learning my lesson after two years of waiting too late to buy the boys Halloween costumes and having to settle and FINALLY buying the costumes well in advance.

And also for allowing the boys to pick out their own costumes instead of choosing for them to make sure that they went together n a themed fashion. EVEN IF Brady and Mason ended up wanting to be the same thing which made my themed costume loving self proud...

AND for getting my butt into gear and finishing their costume shoot before we even hit the first day of October.

Now.... Pat please.

Mason and Brady settled on police men this year, which quickly threw me into a tailspin of insisting that Ethan be a robber/bad guy/jail bird/anything that would fit with police men.

Jail bird it was.

Is my child going to have a complex? Are we setting him up for a life of crime? Last year we dressed him up like a little devil and this year he is a convict.... 

I digress. They went together. The theme is precious. The pictures.... Well the pictures turned out PRICELESS.

Best Halloween photos ever? I think so. Biased or not!

Also, please know that while you are scrolling through these photos soaking up the awesomeness that is my children completely getting into character for these.... Know that I am singing the Cops themesong. It is NOT complete without it, so I suggest you do the same. Continue.

Ok. Probably THE best kids Halloween costume photo EVER taken ion the history of Halloween costume photos.... No this was not planned. No we didn't shoot for this. This is the rage that ensues when you try to get Ethan to hold his brothers' hands.... It ended up being a pretty realistic shot though!

Happy October everyone! Who's ready for Halloween!

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