Thursday, September 20, 2012

Fall Flood Gates

The fall flood gates have been opened. The changing leaves. The pumpkin spice candle on my mantle burning it's little heart out screaming "FALL IS HERE! FALL IS FINALLY HERE!"

Just in case that candle line didn't inform you... Fall is here.

My heart nearly lept out of my chest this morning when I noticed the church around the corner assembling their white picket fence. That white picket fence means one thing..... Pumpkin Patch. You bet your sweet full and fluffy fall mums that as soon as those pumpkins hit the ground off of the back of the fresh from the farm truck, we will be there. Camera (of course) and cozy fall feelings in tow.

With fall comes the glorious glow of the setting sun at a time that doesn't rival bedtime. The sun has been setting around these parts at about 7-ish so instead of heading home after collecting little guys we decided to throw our schedule to the wind and do a little sunset glow exploring instead.

Part of me wishes I would do this more often. Getting out into a beautiful area and just enjoying time with them without as many restrictions is nice. Perhaps I will incorporate it into our evenings a little more often....

Are you gearing up for fall? My fall mantle has been "in progress" for about three weeks now. At this rate, I should have it all up just in time to take it down and prep for Christmas!

Happy Thursday!

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